Product Description

DJN provides a full integrated display solution, with product size ranging from 7.0 to 12.6 inches, and product resolutions up to 2.5K or above, high definition and high refresh rate, ultra-thin, narrow borders, wide color gamut, low blue light, and low power consumption, AG anti-glare, integrated touch (TDDI + active pen) and other features. Those related products can be used into the following fields, including but not limited to entertainment, education, business office.


High quality

With the aim to provide the end-consumers with a clearer and smoother picture during the experience journey, we ensure that the product display resolution can reach out to 2.5K or above.


High refresh rate

With the high refresh rate of 90/120HZ, the end-consumers are able to experience a product with a better fluidity visual and makes the whole experience more comfortable.


Integrated touch (TDDI active pen)

Using the combination of the display, touch panel, slim design, we ensure that the products meet the end-consumers’ expectations. Also, the touch panel is featured with a stylus pen that facilitates a wider range of applications during the journey experience.

Product Parameters

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