Product Description

DJN provides Fast LCD modules, with product sizes ranging from 2.48 to 5.5 inches. Those products size can be applied in the following fields, including but not limited to monocular VR screens, binocular VR screens, which have as features high resolution, high brightness, fast response, high color gamut, and high refresh rate.


High Definition

To meet the end-consumers’ immersive experience, we ensure to provide them products with pixel density PPI value between 768 and 1218.


High Brightness and High color gamut

To bring a better visual experience to the end-consumers, we ensure that through the combination of design and materials, the brightness can attain 500 nits, and 96% NTSC.


Product customization

Regardless the requested shape, we ensure to provide our customers with monocular VR screens, binocular VR screens, etc...

Product Parameters

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