Our Mission

Committed to combine advanced optoelectronic technology with capital assets, we embrace the idea of exploration of management, development and competition models for establishing a new generation of technology companies in China. Not only, we aspire to contribute to China's economic prosperity and social progress, but we also aim to provide our employees with broad development space, our customers with products added value, and to contribute to the technological development of the industry.

Our Vision

With the aim of becoming the world's most competitive display technology solution provider, we are committed to combining international technology with China's national conditions and relying on the knowledge and efforts of Dijing employees, and to ensuring that small and medium-sized display products will reach out to excellent achievement in technology and performance.


Market internationalization:

Based in Shenzhen, we aim to promote cross regional business by embracing and focusing on the development and the supply of small and medium-sized display product worldwide.

Operating and capitalization:

A rapid growth of our corporation due to the combination of product operations and capital operations.

Our Spirit


Self-improvement is the fundamental principle for the company to consider its future development strategy. Thus, only through self-improvement, we can become independent.


Like rowing a boat upstream, if you stop moving forward you fall back. It is also irresponsible to embrace the current status quo and not to advance. Thus, with the aim to aggressively achieve the goals of the enterprise, we must never be satisfied, but must aspire to transcend the infinite.


To keep innovated, we must adept, and must be willing to use observational learning to create management, technology, products, positive culture with self-characteristics, and to build a Chinese and International remarkable brand.


Consistent investigation about our customers’ needs and the market trends to better fulfill their expectations.


Starting from the actual situation of the company to set up and be dedicated to realizing the pratical long-term goals.