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Dijing Optoelectronics


On October 21, Glory Pro Life jointly launched a new product - intelligent voice mobile holder. Glory Pro Select is an ecological partnership plan that gloriously opens to the whole scene of smart life in the consumption field. It aims to create a glorified AIoT ecological chain. It has always been based on the standard of "direct supply by large brand factories, authoritative third-party testing, and strict control of production process". Excellent quality control also makes consumers more confident, With its professionalism accumulated for many years in the field of vehicle products and the quality standards throughout the product, this intelligent voice mobile holder has won the favor of the honor again. This time, it is also full of sincerity.


Voice assistant frees hands

The smart voice support is connected to the mobile phone through Bluetooth and can wake up YOYO/Xiaoyi voice assistant, which can be adapted to both Android and iOS systems. When a family of three goes on a trip, the baby in the car is always unable to sit down. If you have to be distracted when driving, you can wake up the voice assistant, and play children's songs and children's stories through the FM connection to the car stereo, so that you can take your baby with you and focus on driving. Whether music is playing in the car or driving on the highway, your voice commands can be effectively recognized by noise reduction through double microphone echo under noisy environment.


15W wireless fast charging and discharging

The intelligent voice mobile holder can support 15W wireless fast charging at most. When the mobile phone is close to the holder, the holder will open automatically, clamp automatically after being put in, and the charging operation can be completed with one hand, so as to get rid of the trouble of complex connection and make the use more convenient. And it has a three gear adjustable base without worrying about the size limitation of the phone.

Some people worry that the car holder is usually charged to the car through the car. If the car is turned off, how can I take out the mobile phone? There is no need to worry about this, because the bracket has a built-in super capacitor. After the vehicle is turned off and powered off (within 1 minute), it can be opened and closed more than 2-3 times by gently touching the release button on the left side of the bracket. Even if the phone is not taken out for a long time after the ignition is turned off, the bracket arm can be opened manually without damaging the bracket, which effectively solves the embarrassment of being unable to take out the phone after the ignition is turned off, and is more consistent with the user's operating habits.

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