The flagship new product X5 Pro of the first 4K racing tachograph was launched


Dijing Optoelectronics


Dijing Optoelectronics


On May 27, 2021, the flagship new product, the X5 Pro 4K DASH CAM, will be officially released. This new product will not only upgrade its image, storage, parking monitoring and other aspects, but also join the racing experience for the first time, creating a new era of racing DASH CAM. X5 Pro will undoubtedly provide users with the most advanced technology, process and the best use experience!

4K Ultra HD flagship image quality opens a new horizon

The X5 Pro DASH CAM is equipped with SONY's new generation flagship image sensor IMX415, which enables real 4K UHD video capture. In addition, the Realcube primary color box image technology developed exclusively by the staring image team brings amazing color expression. It helps users record super clear and outstanding images in all kinds of scenes, day and night.
In addition to the upgrade of high-speed photography function, the X5 Pro has also greatly improved its GPS module function. The new X5 Pro supports four global satellite navigation systems, namely GPS, BDS, GLONASS and GALIELO, bringing the positioning accuracy to within 1 meter. With the support of high-precision GPS, the staring design team has also made a new upgrade to the SR. For the first time, the exclusive "speed passion" effect skin has been launched in the new X5 Pro product, which can be called the "racing simulator" cool track interface. The speed, G value and other information can be seen at a glance. As long as you want to open the staring X5 Pro, you can immediately have a racing scene like immersive video.


Dual memory stores more space for preparedness

The X5 Pro supports the dual storage scheme of eMMC built-in storage+TF external storage for the first time. It retains many advantages such as stable eMMC storage, fast read/write speed, and long service life. At the same time, it also meets users' requirements for expandable storage capacity. In addition, the built-in storage files can be moved to the TF card with one click in the APP to match the most convenient storage export experience for users.


New racing experience

Want to record the hot blood moment of racing on the track, but make it into a vague waste film? It's coming! X5 Pro Innovation Support 1080P@90 High speed frame shooting, while achieving high-definition recording, can effectively solve the problems of tailing, ghost, blurring, etc. in high-speed driving shooting.

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