Z40 officially appeared as a 3K tachograph suitable for novice drivers


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Dijing Optoelectronics


Three shots of super wide angle driving, each performing his own duties

The car smart screen S50 adopts a detachable modular lens, and supports 3 cameras to shoot for different scenes. The driving camera supports 3K ultra wide angle driving record, which can shoot images with a maximum resolution of 2880 * 1620. The 140 degree wide angle covers multiple lanes. The driving record is more comprehensive. In addition, the product upgrade uses 32G eMMC built-in storage, which makes reading and writing faster and more stable, eliminating the annoyance of incompatible memory cards. The new driving record visitor mode password access, vehicle lending and other situations can also protect privacy.

Customized internal 1080P high-definition AI camera can realize smooth video calls, parking for meetings, chatting with family members, and taking self portraits in the car, which are very convenient. During parking, it can also be used with the driving camera to monitor parking, so that the conditions inside and outside the car are not missed. If the original vehicle does not have a reversing image, you can also select a 1080P reversing camera, which automatically switches to the rear image when reversing. In addition, the reversing camera uses a hard hydrophobic film, which is more resistant to dirt and rain. The 165 degree super wide angle can truly restore the reversing distance, and the parking assistant image is more accurate!


AI driving care makes driving safe and convenient

How to make driving safer and give car owners a better experience is also the direction of continuous optimization of the car smart screen. The second generation car smart screen S50 has a new upgrade in AI driving care. The internal AI camera supports fatigue driving monitoring, which can monitor and remind drivers of behaviors such as closing their eyes, making long-distance driving safer and providing more security for themselves and their families; At the same time, in order to ensure the privacy of the call when the car owner's mobile phone is connected to the original car audio, the innovative "voice follows people" function is introduced. When the car owner gets off the car with the mobile phone, the voice output device will be automatically switched to prevent the call content from playing from the original car audio when there are other passengers in the car.

In addition, the car smart screen S50 has enabled the universal card function through the HarmonyOS distributed technology, and supports the car IoT device control, weather prompt, hotel recommendation, mobile phone parking click capture and other card prompts. After the vehicle is stopped, the mobile phone will automatically pop up a window to prompt you to capture a photo manually, and save it on the mobile phone to generate a parking card. The information in front of the vehicle and the vehicle position will be recorded with one key, making it easier to find a car; The on-board ecological equipment can be conveniently controlled through the on-board smart screen; It can also automatically recommend local weather, destination hotels and other information, making car life more convenient.

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