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On July 28, 2019, the Shenzhen traffic police announced that they would adjust some award-winning projects for reporting violations, expand the scope of award-winning reporting, and award all traffic violations successfully. Previously, the company was invited to participate in the relevant meetings of Shenzhen traffic police department for reporting violations, and discussed in detail the details of subsequent adjustments and in-depth cooperation.

As early as December 2, 2015, the first intelligent traffic violation reporting platform developed by the Shenzhen traffic police was officially launched. On the same day, the stare and stare system also officially released the violation reporting system, realizing the background data connection with the Shenzhen traffic police's "ad hoc reporting platform". Citizens can capture violations on the road with one click through the stare and stare intelligent tachograph, and realize real-time reporting.


What is the violation reporting system?

The system is a real-time reporting system specially developed for assisting traffic police departments.

Different from the traditional way of providing evidence for traffic violations, car owners can use the shooting button installed on the steering wheel to shoot violations on the road with one click after installing the stare and stare smart tachograph, and report violations immediately through the stare and stare APP "violation reporting" system, which largely avoids the potential safety hazard of car owners taking photos with mobile phones when driving alone.


How to operate the violation reporting system?

If the car owner finds a traffic violation while driving, he can record a 10 second short video before and after shooting by simply pressing the staring and shooting remote capture button or voice capture.

Later, this video will be uploaded to the "Violation Reporting System" of the MAO MAO APP, and the time, place, license plate number and specific violation content will be filled in. The system will also automatically take three pictures from the reporting video as supporting evidence, greatly improving the success rate of reporting.

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