Design bears scientific and technological aesthetics - mini3 won the 2018 German iF Design Award


Dijing Optoelectronics


Dijing Optoelectronics


On January 30, 2018, the list of winners of the iF DESIGN AWA18, which is known as the "Oscar Award for Product Design", was announced. In 6401 entries from 54 countries around the world, with the excellent original design and humanistic care concept of products, Staring at Mini3 won the design award, won the recognition of the world's top industrial design authority, and once again demonstrated the strength of Staring at Industrial Design and technological innovation to consumers around the world.


Touching people with fine design based on user needs

"The real good product is carved step by step after the product definition is gradually improved." This is the consensus of the design team. Product design is more to meet user needs as much as possible on the basis of realizing functions, and to bring high-quality use experience to users.

In the era of consumption upgrading, consumers are awakening their aesthetic appreciation and are more interested in products designed under the spirit of craftsmanship. The mini3 launched in 2017 is definitely a masterpiece of ingenuity. In the process of completing the project, the product team learned that the memory card incompatibility, bad card and other problems in the existing tachograph market have greatly affected the user's sense of use, and pioneered the use of built-in eMMC storage to solve this industry problem.

The appearance design is carefully polished. While adhering to the aesthetic sense of design, the product structure and production difficulty are also considered. The product sketch has been reviewed and confirmed by the project team for many times. From the modification of every detail to the repeated confirmation of painting art, the final body design is more refined and simplified, the new Star Black color highlights the product texture, and the fine painting process is based on the user's touch, The designer hopes that users can feel the greatest sincerity of the whole team from the moment they get to stare at the mini3.


Product design and market grow together and occupy the highland with innovation

Raymond Lowe, the American industrial design master, once pointed out brilliantly that the role of industrial design in the commodity society is to "promote the development of commodity sales and trade". Only when product design and the market grow together can we unleash great creativity. As the main design team of the mini3, the product design team also believes that product design is not a wild horse. While pursuing the aesthetic feeling of design, it is more necessary to consider the realization of products.

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