Smart rear-view mirror S5 new product was released, and the vehicle smart screen started in multiple forms






On July 27, 2021, the second product of the car smart screen series, the smart rearview mirror S5, was released. This is the second terminal device equipped with HUAWEI HiCar after the joint launch of the car smart screen last year. Different from the model of the central control car machine of the previous generation of on-board smart screen, this is a streaming media rearview mirror product, which also supports the seamless transfer of HUAWEI HiCar mobile phone applications to the smart rearview mirror to achieve scene changes, but experience uninterrupted car machine connectivity, bringing you a more convenient and intelligent driving experience.


Minimal connection, automatic connection for one adaptation

It only needs to pair once. After starting the vehicle again, the mobile phone will automatically connect to the smart rearview mirror. You can put the mobile phone down after getting on the vehicle. If the mobile phone is connected to the original car audio, the smart rearview mirror S5 will directly call the original car audio to play audio, and enjoy the original car audio quality experience.


Mobile applications flow across screens without interruption

Based on Hongmeng distributed technology, the smart rearview mirror S5 can automatically transfer the HUAWEI HiCar application on the mobile phone to the smart rearview mirror large screen for use. Different from ordinary projection mapping, the smart rearview mirror S5 uses distributed UI technology to customize an interactive card interface for measuring vehicles, which is more safe and consistent with driving habits. Not only that, mobile applications support data and account synchronization after circulation, such as favorite song lists and VIP permissions. There is no need to manually synchronize and open members again, and you can enjoy instant connection; The navigation information set on the mobile terminal can also seamlessly synchronize the navigation data after connection, truly realizing the uninterrupted cross screen experience of mobile applications.
At present, smart rearview mirror S5 has supported 30+App applications. In the future, it will continue to provide HOTA system upgrade service through HUAWEI HiCar to expand more applications.

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