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Lcm-bu3 manufacturing center group construction travel

Lcm-bu3 manufacturing center group construction travel


Caption: life is not only about work, but also poetry and distance. There is always one body and soul on the way.

In December, the last month of the year, all stories should come to an end, like leaves and branches to see off. It's time for the dust to settle and everything is ready.

December is the last month of every year, but it is also a harvest month for bu3 production department. In 2019, with the support of the company's leaders and departments, as well as the hard work of bu3 staff, all KPIs have increased or met the standards.

In order to enrich the staff's cultural life and strengthen the team cohesion of bu3 production department, with the strong support of Mr. Chen, Mr. Wang arranged and coordinated the team building activity: brothers and sisters from bu3 production department drove to Nankunshan, Huizhou for indoor self-help dinner and barbecue. Relax yourself for a short time and continue to work hard for the production target of 2020.

At 13:30 on December 30, everyone gathered downstairs of the company and talked about the group construction activity happily. After more than ten minutes of integration and arrangement, everyone got on the train and started one after another.

The motorcade of the same group is speeding on the highway, looking at the pleasant scenery outside the window, everyone's mood is joyful. Feel the earth's green mountains and clear water, blue clouds and blue sky, let everyone temporarily put down the pressure of work, the tired body and mind has been relaxed. After more than 2 hours' journey, the tourist destination is Nankunshan, Huizhou.

After getting off the bus, my eyes suddenly opened up. My mood was like being washed again, breathing fresh air. I felt a sigh that there was such a beautiful place in Huizhou. Together, we enjoy the beautiful scenery around us, while chatting happily and jokingly, as close as a harmonious family.

After arriving at the goal, it's almost time to eat. We play the spirit of unity and mutual assistance in work, move the food materials prepared in the car to the kitchen together, and then cooperate with each other, divide the work and cooperate with each other, and prepare their own work. You wash the dishes, I cut the dishes, and he is too busy and happy to start cooking. Soon after the efforts of the family, a delicious hot meal will be ready.

Lcm-bu3 manufacturing center group construction travel

Before we started, President Chen gave us a "toast" for the new year. She picked up the cup and said "everyone is working hard in 2019!" Then, I affirmed everyone's efforts in 2019, gave the company a perfect answer sheet, and pointed out the shortcomings in the work. Finally, President Chen hopes that in 2020, we will work closely together to achieve better results. We applauded and agreed with each other. We firmly believe that as long as we work together to complete the tasks of Mr. Chen and Mr. Wang's headquarters, we will exceed the KPI targets of the company.

Lcm-bu3 manufacturing center group construction travel

Looking at the delicious food with all colors and flavors on the table, people are salivating and have a big appetite. Families have picked up the chopsticks in their hands and enjoyed the delicious food they made.

After having enough wine and food, we started a new round of division of labor and cooperation, cleaning up together, cleaning tables, mopping the floor, washing dishes It will be cleaned in a short time. Then it's time for free activities, such as playing mobile phones, chatting, watching TV, singing and so on. The activities are colorful. At this time, family members forget the busy and hard work and devote themselves to the happy moments at this time. Even Mr. Chen and Mr. Wang, who look very serious in their daily work, have a good time together. I really want to frame the good time at this moment.

However, the time of meeting is always so short. It was the next day. After lunch, we went to the beautiful and flowing stream to take photos. We took photos to commemorate the tour until 12:30.

The self driving tour of tuanjiejian is over, but the whole process of the activity is vivid. Everyone works in an orderly way and each has to do his own job, such as cooking, cleaning and so on. Although it is small, it also fully embodies the team spirit of our bu3 manufacturing center: Division of labor and cooperation, each performing his own duties, active and close cooperation.

Finally, I would like to thank not only Mr. Chen and Mr. Wang for their strong support for this mission building activity, but also our customers, company leaders and colleagues for their support and trust. As the main productivity Department of the company, the manufacturing center is required to complete the production tasks with quality and quantity guaranteed. Everyone should cooperate with each other and work together to strive for the future and ideal. This trip, tired and happy, you relax, relieve the pressure brought by work, reflect the team vitality of evergreen, enhance the feelings between colleagues, we are passionate, and sail with Dijing.

Lcm-bu3 manufacturing center group construction travel

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