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2019 lean production summary and award ceremony

2019 lean production summary and award ceremony


At 17:00 p.m. on December 27, 2019, the annual lean production summary and award ceremony of Oceania field operation center was held in the training room on the third floor of building 4. Fu saichun, general manager, managers of all departments and more than 30 invited lean production representatives attended the event.

Lean from the heart, improve from me. 2019 is the year of innovation for the operation center of Oceania. From the beginning of lean production to everyone's extensive participation, we actively improve innovation and constantly seek for solutions. Together, we realize the difficulty of improvement and the difficulty of adhering to it. It is the hard work of everyone that brings us today's harvest. 2019, thank you! A passionate and emotional opening speech kicked off the event.

2019 lean production summary and award ceremony

Next, through a video clip, you reviewed the highlights of lean production in 2019 and sang the song of lean.

After the wonderful video review, the moderator invited Huang Guorong, senior manager of lean center, to summarize and review the deficiencies and achievements of lean production in 2019, and briefly describe the planning of lean production in 2020.

Then there is the award ceremony. There are 12 groups of awards in total. The winners are all the teams and individuals who have performed well in 2019. Leaders congratulated and encouraged them respectively during the award ceremony.

2019 lean production summary and award ceremony

After the award, the winners of this activity organized by President Fu carried out the PK activity of "lean song". Once again, this familiar melody sounded in the conference room, "in my heart, there was a dream that lean would make the enterprise suffer all the pain; lean implementation, who is the real hero, the front-line staff moved me the most ... with a loud and sincere voice, it once again shows the team's lean heart of Oceania operation center.

Then, President Fu summarized the activity. He mentioned that in 2019, the cumulative qualified number of lean improvement proposals reached 2900, and the comprehensive income of the proposals reached 15.1 million; in terms of projects, we have 48 projects that meet the standards this year, with a financial income of 25.68 million; in 2018, we have 1962 improvement proposals, with a comprehensive income of 5.71 million, 17 projects that meet the standards and a financial income of 5.06 million. By contrast, whether in terms of the number of successful implementation improvements or in terms of revenue, our progress this year is huge, so here we need to congratulate you, congratulate you, your efforts have not been wasted, and your achievements are worthy of recognition!

2019 lean production summary and award ceremony

Finally, President Fu also made a message to lean production in 2020: in 2020, the market will change thousands of times, and we will face more and more difficult challenges. I hope you can keep our achievements. In the new year, there will be a lot of new people joining us. I hope you can spread the habit of innovation and improvement, and let our new colleagues quickly integrate into our improvement team. In 2020, lean production can arrange some professional training according to your needs to strengthen our skills. In the case that internal resources cannot be met, the company will also consider arranging some external training to let you get the required knowledge and skills improvement, so that everyone has room for growth.

At 18:00 p.m., the 2019 lean production summary and award ceremony of Oceania operation center concluded the activity in the conclusion of "unite and strive for continuous innovation".

There is no limit to improvement. Let's look forward to more wonderful future of Oceania operation center team!

2019 lean production summary and award ceremony

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