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Bu2 Oceania operation center Quality theme activity of "build excellent team and create brilliant emperor crystal"

Bu2 Oceania operation center Quality theme activity of "build excellent team and create brilliant emperor crystal"


In August, bu2 Oceania operation center and quality center jointly organized and launched the quality theme activity of "building an excellent team - building the splendor of Dijing".

The venue of this activity is the expansion base of China wolf. Although the sky is not beautiful, it still can't stop the passionate steps of our friends. It's a bit like "let him be stormy, I'll stay still".

After nearly two hours' drive, the team members arrived at the development site on time as planned. After the instructor organized everyone to gather quickly, he publicized the precautions of the project to be carried out today, and then led everyone to the activity site. For today's activities, most of our partners, laotuo, are still full of expectations. We follow the instructor firmly, just like a group of elite soldiers, all of them are full of spirit and full of energy.

For the development of each team activity, only when the participants open their own psychological defense line and participate in the activity wholeheartedly, can they really realize the significance of the activity.

After arriving at the assembly site, the coach organized everyone to play a small game - evolution. Witty action, harmonious atmosphere, the atmosphere of the scene is rapidly warming up, smiling faces all the time to the surrounding partners to convey a harmonious and friendly message to each other.

Since it is a competitive activity, there is competition. After the warm-up, there will be group competition next. The team members need to discuss the team leader, security officer, assistant, team name and slogan. "Fast wind team", "troublemaker team", "passers-by King team", "Phoenix team", "tiger team", "Jiaolong team", "shark team", "Sirius team" The names of teams flying in the sky, swimming in the water and running on the ground are endless. The leaders of all teams shout, challenge and indomitable spirit spread among all teams. Our goal is to "win the first place bravely"!

Bu2 Oceania operation center

After grouping, the next two small games were launched - fast 60 seconds and Hanoi Tower, which tested the team cooperation ability of each team member and the team leader's organization and arrangement ability. After the instructor finished talking about the rules of the activity, each group of small partners seriously used their brains and actively discussed, and the scene became tense instantly. Simple cards, blocks, under the established rules, various groups have emerged "intellectual responsibility", "organizational responsibility" and "executive responsibility". Small game contains great wisdom, a strong person is not really strong, strong team is the strongest! At the same time of the joy of winning, we also enhance the sense of honor and self-confidence of the team.

Bu2 Oceania operation center

In this way, the morning activities in an orderly and happy organization ended smoothly.

Although the weather is sunny for a while, and the rainstorm is pouring, it still can't kill the hearts of our partners. In the afternoon, we will have a water project - swimming on rafts. No matter the rainstorm or the hot sun, since the plan has been determined, we will resolutely complete it, rain or shine.

Four buckets, four oars and eight bamboo poles were tied into a bamboo raft to carry 14 people across the water surface of 25 meters. For the first time to participate in this project, it is undoubtedly full of novelty and challenges. How to stabilize the bucket and bamboo pole to ensure that the water does not fall apart? How to arrange the seats of the team members to ensure that they do not capsize? How to make sure the speed of the raft is fast? How to paddle to control the direction of travel? The details were discussed one by one among the groups, and the work started after the discussion.

Look, each group's posture of rafting is serious and professional. After an hour's work, all kinds of binding methods of bamboo rafts have been completed. Everyone's sweat and happy face make people believe that they are confident and satisfied with their "masterpieces".

Finally to test the "masterpieces" of each group, the bamboo rafts of each group were launched in torrential rain. Although the wind and rain cover our eyes, but we can't stop our determination and perseverance to complete the task. We insist on not giving up and try to row the oars in our hands. We are firmly moving towards the other side of victory.

Bu2 Oceania operation center

"The direction is skewed to the right. Stop on the left and row on the right!"

"All the people who don't paddle pay attention to balance control and help with the feet!"

"Don't rush, don't rush, control the balance of bamboo raft, control the balance of bamboo raft!"

"Come on, come on, come on" the roar of cheering inspired the partners to go all out to win the final victory!

Bu2 Oceania operation center

Finally, after the successful landing of each team, the activity of the day is coming to an end. Through this day's expansion activities, everyone's hard work and struggle show us more of the spirit of unity, courage, tenacity and unremitting team fighting. Although there is bitterness and happiness in the activity, it tells us that only when everyone has gathered their own characteristics, expertise and members to complement each other and learn from each other, can they better achieve each other and play the cohesion of the team.

Bu2 Oceania operation center

Therefore, in order to push this spirit into work, it is necessary to actively cooperate among posts in various departments, and strengthen cooperation among posts in different departments. Only when everyone takes active action to break the barriers and prejudices between them and work towards the same goal, can such enterprises operate efficiently and multiply their benefits. Let's join hands, come on!

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