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Summary of staff Symposium in the fourth quarter of 2019

Summary of staff Symposium in the fourth quarter of 2019


In order to thank the old employees for their great support and hard work to the company over the years, promote the recognition of the new employees to the company, let the old employees play the role of "passing, helping and leading" in daily work, reduce the turnover rate of employees, increase the sense of belonging and loyalty of employees, at the same time, let the new and old employees further understand the dynamics of the company, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of employees Initiative and creativity. In order to build an effective communication channel between employees and the company's management, help employees solve practical problems in their work and life, and create a good corporate culture, we have held a staff Symposium in the fourth quarter of 2019 today.

Summary of staff Symposium in the fourth quarter of 2019

General manager Zhong of the manufacturing department, general assistant Zhang of the general manager's office, senior director Liu of the quality department, engineer Li Gong of the equipment department, manager Yang of the engineering department, and more than 40 new and old employees attended the symposium. Among them, there are old employees who have worked for more than three years, and new employees who have been employed for one month. This has improved everyone's understanding and understanding, which is conducive to smooth communication in the subsequent work. Each employee introduces himself in turn according to the seat order (name, place of origin, work position, etc.).

On behalf of the company, Mr. Zhong of the manufacturing department first expressed sincere thanks to the new and old employees for their support and contribution to the company. He introduced the current production situation and development direction of some companies, and expressed his gratitude and expectation to his family and colleagues.

In order to further pull in everyone's distance, enter the game link: count 7 games. Rule: everyone in a circle, count from any one, 1, 2, 3 Count by turns, every multiple of 7 (7, 14, 21...) And numbers with 7 (17, 27...) It must be replaced by clapping the palm. If 7 is not replaced by clapping the palm, it will be eliminated.

Summary of staff Symposium in the fourth quarter of 2019

Several rounds of the game, everyone actively participated in, among which the eliminated colleagues were asked to perform the program, two boys represented the chorus of "life has you", two lovely girls took the initiative to stage, and sang the chorus of "if you can sell dry wine". Manufacturing department bell and Engineering Department Manager Yang sang "friends" at everyone's invitation. Some simple games fully mobilize the atmosphere of the whole activity, improve the participation of colleagues, and ease the atmosphere of the scene.

Next, employees interact and ask questions. Each employee writes his / her opinions and questions on the note. The range of questions and suggestions is unlimited, including work, life, environment, food, dormitory, post, promotion, etc. General manager Zhong of the manufacturing department shall answer the questions and suggestions put forward on the spot in person. If they can't be solved on the spot, the human resources and administration department shall record them and promise to give a reply.

In a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, new and old employees express their opinions and express themselves freely. They reviewed and summarized their work and life since they joined the company, and believed that the working atmosphere of the company was harmonious, the relationship between colleagues was harmonious, and leaders cared about employees. At the same time, on their own development, work and life difficulties, staff income, job division, company management and other aspects of many good ideas and suggestions. President Zhong attaches great importance to the opinions and suggestions put forward by all of you, and has carried out one-to-one communication and response.

Summary of staff Symposium in the fourth quarter of 2019

Finally, general manager Zhang of the general manager's office made a concluding speech. She stressed that any department of the company should pay attention to the development of employees in terms of ideology, work and life, strengthen communication between employees, and the old employees should play a role of "passing, helping and leading". The company will also provide various platforms for employees to play the potential of young people.

At the same time, Mr. Zhang put forward three requirements for the new and old employees: first, strengthen learning, work hard and make progress actively. To strengthen the basic learning and experience learning of the post and the major; to strengthen the temper of personality, character and morality; to be patient, careful communication, mutual benefit and long-term cooperation, no matter in the manufacturing department or the functional department. Second, employees should unite, communicate with each other, learn from each other and ask for advice modestly. Third, we need to have ideas, be willing to use our brains, learn to think, analyze and summarize. We need to have a sense of ownership, make bold suggestions, have our own opinions, and get rid of inertia. If the company is good, we will be better. President Zhang finally mentioned that in the future, the company will provide a broad space and platform for the growth and development of its employees by carrying out more such employee activities.

The symposium has achieved the expected results. We have discussed and discussed with each other, and the new employees have enhanced their sense of belonging. I believe that in the new year, with the participation of many young employees, the company will be more vibrant and active, let's work together to meet the company's better future!

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