Shenzhen Dijing Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd

2004 Year


1.8 Billion

Registered Capital

100 Thousand㎡

Company Building Area

11000 People

Total Employees

50 Billion

Annual Sales






























In 2004, Shenzhen Dijing Industrial Co., Ltd. was registered and established, and the "DJN" trademark was officially launched
In 2005, ISO9001 certification was passed
In 2006, Hong Kong Dijing (International Company) was established.
In September 2007, it won the Shenzhen High tech Enterprise Certification.
In September 2008, the Shanghai office was established.
In 2010, Fuzhou Digital ERP was put into use; ISO9001 external audit passed.
In 2011, Ganzhou Dijing Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established (Thinning Business Department); ISO14001 environmental management system certification passed.
In 2012, the CTP Business Department was established to start the research, development, production and sales of touch screens; The first phase of "Lean Six Sigma" project was launched; Joint stock system reform, renamed "Shenzhen Dijing Optoelectronics Co., Ltd."; It has won the national high-tech enterprise certification.
In 2013, the first thin product of Ganzhou Dijing went offline; Qc080000 Hazardous Material Process Management System Certification.
In 2014, the third factory project of Shenzhen Dijing was launched; The performance management system was officially launched; The management consulting project of the R&D center was launched; Huizhou Dijing Co., Ltd. was officially established.
In June 2015, the coating project was officially put into production; Passed HSD verification and mass production in July; In October, LCM Second Business Unit was officially established.
In June 2015, the coating project was officially put into production.
In July 2015, it passed HSD verification and mass production.
In October 2015, LCM Second Business Unit was officially established.
In 2016, Jiangmen Dijing began to build its factory.
In April 2016, it passed BOE verification and mass production.
In May 2016, it passed TS16949 certification.
In August 2016, it passed the review of CTC.
In October 2016, the PLM system was launched.
In March 2017, the first phase of lean TPM was launched.
In July 2017, Jiangmen Business Department started mass production; In July, the OEM Business Unit was established.
In 2017, the full screen project was officially mass produced at 18:9 August.
In October 2017, the ESD system was certified.
In January 2018, it passed IATF16949 certification.
In March 2018, the MES system was launched.
In April 2018, ISO27001 information security management system was implemented.
In May 2018, the Code of Conduct of the RBA Responsible Social Alliance was implemented.
In May 2022, the launching ceremony of Chongqing Zhubengbu Mofang Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully completed

Company philosophy

Corporate mission

It is committed to combining advanced optoelectronic technology with capital operation, exploring the management, development and competition mode of establishing a new generation of technology companies in China, making contributions to China's economic prosperity and social progress, providing broad development space for employees, creating value for customers, and contributing to the development of industry technology!

Corporate Vision

Combining international technology with China's national conditions and relying on the wisdom and efforts of Dijing people, we will ensure that small and medium-sized display products achieve outstanding technology and performance, and become a world competitive display technology solution provider.


Market internationalization: based on Shenzhen, facing the whole country, looking at the world, and realizing business diversification across regions; based on small and medium-sized display products, extending the industrial chain, and realizing continuous technology updating, operation and capitalization; combining product operation with capital operation, to achieve rapid growth of enterprises

Enterprise spirit

Self-improvement: only through self-improvement can we be self reliant; Self improvement is the fundamental principle for the company to consider its future development strategy
Enterprising: Sail against the current, if you don't advance, you will retreat. It is irresponsible to be content with the status quo and not think about making progress. To achieve the enterprise's ambitious goals, we must never be satisfied and go beyond infinity
Innovation: Be good at learning, learn from others, create management, technology, products and positive culture with self characteristics, and create Chinese and even international famous brands.
Service: Constantly study customer demand and market change trend, so as to better meet customer expectations than competitors
Realistic: everything should be based on the company's reality. It is not good to be aloof, but also to keep a close eye on the ambitious goals. Be down-to-earth, step by step.

Constitution certification

Constitution certification

Constitution certification

ØIn November 2005, it passed ISO9001 quality management system certification.

ØIn July 2011, it passed the ISO14001 environmental management system certification.

ØIn May 2013, it passed the QC080000 hazardous substance process management system certification.

ØIn May 2016, it passed the TS16949 automobile industry quality management system certification.

ØIn October 2017, it passed ESD S20.20 electrostatic protection standard certification.

ØIn January 2018, it passed the latest IATF16949 automobile industry quality management system certification.

ØIn June 2018, it passed the ISO27001 information security management system certification.


System policy

System policy

  Quality policy:
Focus on customer satisfaction and quality first;
Take technological innovation as the core, and take continuous improvement as the perseverance.
  EHS policy:
People oriented to ensure the health and safety of employees;
Protect the environment and jointly build a green ecological home;
Abide by laws and regulations and fulfill corporate social responsibility;
Continuously improve and build a harmonious business environment.
  Hazardous Substance Reduction (HSF) Policy:
Make products that meet environmental regulations and customer requirements, and establish green product management
We should systematically protect the earth's environment and do our civic duties well.
  Information security policy:
Zero loss, zero leakage.
  Social responsibility policy:
Protect workers and respect human rights;
Operate with integrity and repay the society.